Watch Future Islands reveal ‘Glada’ video

Lifted from their latest album ‘As Long As You Are’.

Following the release of sixth studio album ‘As Long As You Are’ in October last year, Future Islands are now revealing the video for ‘Glada’, directed by frontman Sam Herring’s partner Julia Ragnarsson.

“The main treatment for the video was a portrait of the Swedish countryside with Julia’s parents as the protagonists.,” Sam explains. “They filmed in the spring, summer, and most recently in the early fall of last year. For me, most importantly, it captures the place that this song is about, which is all I wanted to share in the first place.”

“’Glada’ is a song that was written about the exact place that I’m now quarantined, with my parents,” Julia adds. “A song about a past grown over, the coming of a budding spring, and the birds that regularly circle our house and the fields and forests surrounding. We wanted to capture the beauty of nature here, pulling from the images which Sam describes in the song. The ups and downs of a long term relationship. And how you sometimes have to stop and think about how lucky you are, especially in the midst of this seeming breakdown. I was stuck in the most beautiful place I know, unable to fully appreciate it because Sam wasn’t there. Making this video helped me to connect with him, but also got me to look outside and appreciate all that was around me.”

Watch the video now below.

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