Watch The Natvral reveals new track ‘Sun Blisters’

The Natvral reveals new track ‘Sun Blisters’
Photo: Remy Holwick

Lifted from upcoming debut album ‘Tethers’.

With debut album ‘Tethers’ landing on 2nd April on Dirty Bingo Records, The Natvral - the newest project from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s Kip Berman - is sharing third single ‘Sun Blisters’.

Speaking on the song, Kip says, “It’s a song about how you don’t always want what’s for the best - and neither do I.”

Accompanied by a video directed by Remy Holwick and David Usui, the pair add, “The artists and audience of Americana have always been as diverse as America itself, a truth we wanted to reflect. We sought to tell parallel narratives, set in a sumptuous 1960s aesthetic, but careful to acknowledge the era’s complexities and contradictions.

“On one hand, it was a time of great musical opportunity - one in which TV allowed artists to take their music to millions of living rooms beyond the confines of Greenwich Village and college campuses. But by focusing on the struggle for personal freedoms inside those homes, we ask the viewer to consider how the art that often “defines” an era in cultural memory is only part of the story - and in many cases, is mere background music to the work of marginalized groups to write their own narratives.”

Have a watch below!

‘Tethers’ Tracklisting:
1. Why Don’t You Come Out Anymore
2. New Moon
3. Sun Blisters
4. New Year’s Night
5. Tears of Gold
6. Sylvia, the Cup of Youth
7. Stay in the Country
8. Runaway Jane
9. Alone in London

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