Listen Lauran Hibberd shares new track ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ with The RegrettesLydia Night

Photo: Fraser Taylor

The track features on her brand new EP ‘Goober’.

With her brand new EP ‘Goober’ arriving on 30th July, Lauran Hibberd is sharing brand new track ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ featuring The Regrettes’ Lydia Night.

“Doing a collaboration was something I’d always wanted to do,” Lauran says. “I’ve always felt it really important to work together with similar artists instead of working against them, especially in these times. I am super stoked to have Lydia (Night) sing on the track; I toured with The Regrettes in 2019 and THEY ROCK. It was so much fun, and I took so much from it, and Lydia is bad ass so YEAH!”

“‘How Am I Still Alive?’ toys with the bleakness of everyday life and makes it sound more entertaining than it actually is,” she adds of the EP. “Michael (Cera) becomes the focus point of getting through the mundane but plays on the idea of ifI actually had him I probably wouldn’t want him anyway. That, and the everyday celebration of making it through another day pretty much sums up the last year of my life.”

Listen to ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ below.

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