Watch CLAMM unleash new track ‘Beseech Me’

CLAMM unleash new track ‘Beseech Me’
Photo: Oscar O'shea

It’s the title track of their forthcoming debut album.

With their debut album ‘Beseech Me’ arriving on 9th April on Meat Machine, Melbourne punk-trio CLAMM are now sharing the title track!

“‘Beseech Me’ is a song that touches on desire and solidarity,” frontman Jack Summers says. “The song in its entirety seems to have a sort of pleading to it, as if it is asking the listener to do something. Lots of the lyrics on this song were written on the fly. I tried to change the lyrics to make ‘more sense’ at some point, but it always felt wrong and so we left it in its natural state. Because of this, there’s a hint of ambiguity to the track.”

Check it out below.

‘Beseech Me’ Tracklisting:
1. Liar
2. Repress
3. Dog
4. Beseech Me
5. Confused
6. Sucker Punch
7. Keystone Pols
8. I Feel Better Now
9. Cardiac Ablation
10. Bossman

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