Listen Crumb release two new songs

Crumb release two new songs
Photo: Third Pupil

Listen to ‘Balloon’ and ‘BNR’ now.

After returning last month with ‘Trophy’, their first new track since 2019’s debut album ‘Jinx’, Brooklyn’s Crumb are now spoiling us with two new songs, ‘Balloon’ and ‘BNR’.

Two hypnotic psych-licked tracks from the group, Lila Ramani says, “’BNR’ is an ode to my favorite colors. I had a weird obsession with those colors in winter 2018-2019 and felt like they would follow me around everywhere I went. ‘Balloon’ tells the story of a girl that dances so fast in the club that her head falls off.”

Hopefully further proof that the follow-up to ‘Jinx’ is on the way, have a listen to the two new’uns below.

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