Watch Lynks and Shame’s Charlie Steen join forces for ‘This Is The Hit’

Photo: Talia Pittman

Watch the 360° video now!

With all the ingredients to become our new fave double-act, Lynks and Shame’s Charlie Steen have joined forces for new track ‘This Is The Hit’, and today they’re sharing its brilliantly bizarre accompanying 360° video!

“This right here has got to be the collab of the century,” Lynks says. “Me and Charlie have been mates for a very very long time, but it only occurred to us recently that we could try mashing together our musical minds. Because who would have thought that a post-punk frontman and an alt-pop gimp would make such a tasty tune?? Not me - I thought it would be shite! Thankfully I was wrong though because it’s turned out quite brilliant.”

“There’s nothing but love in my swollen heart for this song and for Lynks, a being of beauty with a force like no other,” Charlie adds. “Wrap your ears tightly around this one, tis a hit.”

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