Watch The Night Café share ‘Think It Over’ video

The Night Café share ‘Think It Over’ video

It comes alongside the release of their new EP ‘For Better Days’.

Following the release of their 2019 debut album ‘0151’, The Night Café are sharing their brand new EP ‘For Better Days’, and they’re dropping the video for ‘Think It Over’ to celebrate.

“‘Think It Over’ was the first tune I wrote for the EP, really wanted to just have a happy song that was fun to play,” frontman Sean Martin explains. “It captures the emotions people experience when they’re questioning whether their life if going in the right direction.

“This video was really fun to make as well. Getting aggy with the fisheye out the window of the blue fizza risking it for the old guard. And you know we be crankin’ the saturation. Heavyboy affiliated.”

“‘For Better Days’ is what it says on the tin,” he adds. “This last year has been a tough one so we were making rammers to cheer us up to be hopeful for the better days to come.”

Check out the vid for ‘Think It Over’ below.

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