Watch Paul Jacobs shares new track ‘Christopher Robbins’

Photo: Christopher Vincent

From his new album ‘Pink Dogs on The Green Grass’.

With his brand new album ‘Pink Dogs on the Green Grass’ out on 11th June on Blow The Fuse Records, Paul Jacobs is sharing his (non Winnie The Pooh affiliated) latest single ‘Christopher Robbins’.

Accompanied by a self-directed video, Paul says, “This song’s about working for the man and doing what you gotta do to pay the bills until you find out what’s next.”

Check it out below.

‘Pink Dogs on the Green Grass’ Tracklisting:
1. Christopher Robbins
2. Day to Day
3. Half Rich Loner
4. Most Delicious Drink
5. Cherry
6. Everything’s Fine
7. Underneath the Roses
8. Dancing With the Devil
9. Glory Days, Yesterday
10. Kathy’s Bible
11. Your Last Words
12. The Boys are Back
13. Hello Sunshine


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