Watch Ashnikko teams up with Princess Nokia for ‘Slumber Party’ video

Ashnikko teams up with Princess Nokia for ‘Slumber Party’ video
Photo: Charlotte Rutherford

The viral smash from her ‘DEMIDEVIL’ mixtape gets some visuals.

Following the release of her ‘DEMIDEVIL’ mixtape earlier this year, Ashnikko is now sharing the video for mixtape standout and viral hit ‘Slumber Party’ featuring Princess Nokia.

Speaking about the song, Ashnikko describes it as “a sexy song I wrote about a girl I had a crush on. It seems to be a recurring theme that I always fall for girls who are dating someone else.”

Chatting to us for the cover of our Class of 2021 issue about the sex-anthem with the now-viral lyrics “Me and your girlfriend playing dress-up in my house. I gave your girlfriend cunnilingus on my couch”, Ashnikko added, “I thought that was funny. I was like, should I put cunnilingus in there? But you know what, it can be a little sex education. Put the whole word in there, we don’t use slang! The official word!”

Revisit our full interview with Ashnikko now!

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