Listen Geese make their introduction with ‘Disco’

Photo: Daniel Topete

The Brooklyn band share their debut track.

Hailing from Brooklyn, newbies Geese have shared their huge debut track ‘Disco’.

“‘Disco’ was our first big step forward as a band,” the group say. “It’s a very urgent and restless song, which was indicative of all our headspaces at the time. ‘Disco’ has a lot of organized chaos at its core; the music, the lyrics, and even the way we recorded it all speak to a sort of manic energy we were all working through. It’s a song that sounds like it’s perpetually on the verge of collapse—and yet it always manages to keep itself together. There’s a bit of chaos in all of our songs, or a sense that they could explode at any moment. ‘Disco’ represents that the most for us: the little bit of chaos each of us carry and bring to our music.”

The first taste of their debut LP due later this year, check it out now below.


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