Watch Pond offer up new track ‘Toast’

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It’s the latest taste of their upcoming new album ‘9’.

With their ninth studio album ‘9’ arriving on 1st October via Spinning Top Records / Secretly Distribution, Pond are giving us the latest taste of what to expect, sharing new track ‘Toast’.

“The intro chords came from a Joe Ryan demo mysteriously titled Toast,” Nick Allbrook explains. “I’ve never asked Joe why he landed on that name, and I probably never will, but it pointed toward the image of fat-headed gobblers touching flutes of bubbles, watching the End of Days gallop over the horizon. I often wonder about those people - the money hoarders, climate change deniers, earth-pilferers and adventure capitalists - are they nihilists or anarchists or do they really believe they are to be saved by some Rock Opera Jesus? We may never know, but here is Toast, which is hopefully as smooth as the smooth, smooth sailing of our glorious leaders fat old white lives.”

Accompanied by a new vid, Jay Watson adds, “We filmed the clip on a green screen in an abandoned garden centre in one continuous take. It cost us $300 to make (the price of four takes worth of champagne). I ate five fried eggs over the course of it. Another instalment in a long series of homemade Pond videos.”

Check it out below.

‘9’ Tracklisting:
1. Song For Agnes
2. Human Touch
3. America’s Cup
4. Take Me Avalon I’m Young
5. Pink Lunettes
6. Czech Locomotive
7. Rambo
8. Gold Cup / Plastic Sole
9. Toast


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