News Matt Maltese announces third album ‘Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow’

Matt Maltese announces third album 'Good Morning It's Now Tomorrow'
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And he’s sharing new single ‘Shoe’ to celebrate.

Following the release of ‘Mystery’ earlier this year, Matt Maltese has confirmed that his third album, ‘Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow’, will be arriving on 8th October via Nettwerk, sharing new single ‘Shoe’ to celebrate.

“It’s a sincere, slightly warped march in the name of love,” Matt says of the new track. “I think that some of the most meaningful things can be both stupid and serious, and with ‘Shoe’ I’ve tried to walk that wire.”

“A lot of this [new] record is escapism,” he adds. “I’ve had to find more meaning out of the small parts of life. I want this record to celebrate the theatre in all the small things. It’s so cheesy to say it, but I think life is best when you try to make the ordinary extraordinary.”

Have a listen to ‘Shoe’ below now.

‘Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow’ Tracklisting:
1. Good Morning
2. Shoe
3. Everyone Adores You (at least I do)
4. You Deserve An Oscar
5. Lobster
6. Outrun the Bear
7. 1000 Tears Deep
8. We Need to Talk
9. Mystery
10. Oldest Trick in the Book (feat. Bedouine)
11. Looking
12. Rat Race
13. Krakow

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