News Xenia Rubinos announces new album ‘Una Rosa’

Photo: Michelle Arcila

And she’s sharing new single ‘Working All The Time’ too!

Set for release on 15th October via Anti-Records, Xenia Rubinos has announced her brand new album ‘Una Rosa’.

Her first full-length album in five years, the record is two-sided, with the ‘RED’ A-side featuring more “fiery” tracks, and the ‘BLUE’ B-side being more “introspective”.

Sharing new single ‘Working All The Time’ today, Xenia says of the track, “It’s a 2-minute maximalist jaunt, it reminds me of a hot NYC summer”.

Check it out now below.

‘Una Rosa’ Tracklisting:

1. ice princess
2. Una Rosa
3. Ay Hombre
4. Working All The Time
5. Sacude
6. Who Shot Ya?
7. Cógelo Suave

8. Darkest Hour
9. Don’t Put Me In Red
10. Worst Behavior
11. Did My Best
12. Si Llego
13. What Is This Voice?
14. FIN


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