Listen John Glacier drops new track ‘Icing’

John Glacier drops new track 'Icing'

Lifted from her forthcoming debut project, ‘SHILOH: Lost For Words’.

With her debut project ‘SHILOH: Lost For Words’ due on 30th July, John Glacier is getting ready to steal the spotlight, sharing latest single ‘Icing’ as a glimpse at what other gems are set to come.

Produced by Holly and Vegyn, and described as a “dream-like amble through the inner psyche of John Glacier”, check it out now below.

‘SHILOH: Lost For Words’ Tracklisting:
1. If Anything (Prod. by Vegyn)
2. Icing (Prod. by Holly & Vegyn)
3. Cryptomnesia (Prod. by Tn_490 & Vegyn)
4. Trelawny Waters (Prod. by Vegyn)
5. Timing (Prod. by Psychedelic Ensemble & Vegyn)
6. Senseless (Prod. by Tn_490 & Vegyn)
7. Boozy (Prod. by Psychedelic Ensemble & Vegyn)
8. Platoon (Prod. by Vegyn)
9. Green Elephant Freestyle (Prod. by Tn_490 & Vegyn)
10. Some Other Thing (Prod. by Vegyn)
11. On Formulation (Prod. by Vegyn)
12. No More Left Like It’s Death (Prod. by Tn_490 & Vegyn)

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