Watch Remi Wolf offers up new bop ‘Liquor Store’

Remi Wolf offers up new bop 'Liquor Store'

It’s the lead single off of her forthcoming debut album!

With her eagerly-awaited debut full-length arriving this Autumn on Island Records (US) and EMI Records (UK), fast-rising star Remi Wolf is sharing the record’s vibrant lead single ‘Liquor Store’!

“‘Liquor Store’ feels like I am shedding a skin,” she says. “It’s about my journey with sobriety, which has been a major life shift for me over the last year. At the end of 2020, after six months away from the studio, I had a crazy explosive week where all these feelings came pouring out of me — ‘Liquor Store’ captures a lot of them. It’s my first baby of the bunch and I hope you love it.”

A sunshine soaked new’un, check it out below.

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