Watch LICE reveal ‘Persuader’ video

The track featured in January’s ‘WASTELAND: What Ails Our People Is Clear’.

Following the release of January’s concept album ‘WASTELAND: What Ails Our People Is Clear’, Bristol’s LICE are now sharing the video for ‘Persuader’.

Created by animator Tasha Lizak, Tasha says, “The video is framed around the concept of a(n) research/experiment centred around the decoding and destruction of mankind. Constructing and deconstructing a biomechanics ‘man’, the video follows a process of analysis and decoding. The central icon, a ‘cypher’, constructed around the idea of 4 constructs of humanity: (i)BELONGING, (ii)PURPOSE, (iii)STORYTELLING, (iv)TRANSCENDENCE, with a core figure, representing the ‘idea’ of a perfect human, a perfect sample of data. The video tracks the development of the ‘research’, navigating through constructed ‘labs’ and test areas, whilst images glaze the screen. The abundance of imagery, which creates the skeleton of the ‘cypher’ and ‘research’, repeat and twist, verging on spam, allude to a certain ‘soft zone’ state that is an inherent weakness of ‘mankind’. Loops and repetitions of image cycles feel familiar with a compulsive behaviour of time spent engorging on social media, streaming sites, pornography etc etc, eliciting a sense of movement whilst caught in stagnation. The video plays of this idea of stasis, through the idea of cyclical repletion and the illusion of progress, perhaps the core error encoded in the contemporary binary.”

Check it out now below.


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