Listen IDER share new track ‘cbb to b sad’

IDER share new track 'cbb to b sad'
Photo: Dani Monteiro

It comes ahead of the release of their second album this week!

With their new album ‘shame’ arriving this Friday, IDER are giving us the latest taste of what to expect, sharing new single ‘cbb to b sad’.

“‘cbb to b sad’ celebrates the universal feeling of ‘the ick’,” the duo say. “It’s a confession to staying in a relationship that you know isn’t right for you because you don’t want to deal with the inevitable sadness that comes with ending it. We’ve both been there and have seen so many friends go through it too, so thought there should be a song to honour this feeling!”

Check it out now below.

‘shame’ Tracklisting:
1. Cross Yourself
2. cbb to b sad
3. Knocked Up
4. obsessed
6. waiting 17 03
7. embarrassed
8. Midland’s Guilt

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