Listen Metronomy’s Anna Prior releases debut solo single

Listen to ‘Thank You for Nothing’ now!

Stepping out on her own, Metronomy drummer Anna Prior has launched her debut solo single, ‘Thank You for Nothing’!

“The initial demo of this song was called ‘Housey_4’ - as I had absolutely 100% intended to write some house music…!” She explains. “But during lockdown, Joe Mount from Metronomy set me a task to create a cover of a Buena Vista Social Club song for an episode of Metronomy TV. I was addicted to reggaeton beats at the time and just wanted to make the most reggaeton drum loops I could. The drum intro to ‘Thank You For Nothing’ is one of those reggaeton experiments”

“After months of being trapped inside my apartment, I wanted to write music that was as summery as it was uplifting,” she continues. “I needed an escape and with the world engulfed in panic and uncertainty I created a summer holiday in my head, sat on a beach with a litre of sangria!”

Have a listen now.

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