Upbringing Upbringing: Matt Goss

We catch up with the Bros star ahead of the release of his new solo album.

Already an official musical icon with his beloved band Bros and the go-to quote provider of 2018 (“H.O.M.E”, need we say more?), Matt Goss is now gearing up to release his newest solo album ‘The Beautiful Unknown’ on 19th November.

Explaining the title of the forthcoming record, he says, “We have been conditioned to fear tomorrow, to fear next week, to be fearful of next year certainly. Because there is this unknown energy around all of us – no time more than now. And I’ve been through the ringer during Covid, betrayed by some people, uplifted by others. So, ’The Beautiful Unknown’ is a request to people to come along with this philosophy that tomorrow is going to be a good day and a good place.”

“I want to go back to my people and to my world,” he continues. “I have to get back to pop. I’m so happy to say I’ve fallen back in love with pop music, and the power of pop music. There’s no hiding that on this record.”

Ahead of the album’s release, we thought it was about time to have a lil’ catch-up in our newly revived Upbringing series!

What was the first gig you ever went to?
Depeche Mode at the Hammersmith Odeon. Amazingly, on our first BROS tour, the first 5 shows were at Hammersmith. They added one more night and surprised us by changing that 6th night to Wembley.

Were there a good supply of venues in your hometown?
Absolutely not. A few dodgy workerman’s clubs where you pretty much had to pay them to get on stage. Or they would just throw you a few underage beers.

What was the first song you developed an obsession for?
It wasn’t so much a song. It was my discovery of Stevie Wonder. I couldn’t believe a blind soul singer could create an immense understanding of a lyrical, visual world. Along with a voice and melodic sense that has pretty much influenced everyone.

What’s the first song you ever bought with your own money, and why?
Low Rider by War. It was such a bad ass groove with a beautifully brutal use of a cowbell.

What’s the story behind your first instrument?
I had a saxophone that my Mum bought me. I wanted to copy the Spandau Ballet solo from True. After I learned the solo, I never played it again.

What’s your worst musical habit?
Fuck, that’s a good question. Hmmmm….I guess not stopping recording a lead vocal or background vocal in the studio until my organs fail. Sorry to all my engineers.

What inspirations outside of music have an impact on your songwriting?
Women…women…and women.

Tell us the best advice you’ve ever been given as a musician…
A good musician knows when to play. A great musician knows when not to.

And if you could be in a band from the last two decades, which would you pick, and why?
To be honest with you, outside of Queen, I’ve always wanted to do duet with Adele. It’s been a long time since there’s been a great duet. The last duet I loved was George Michael & Aretha Franklin: I Knew You Were Waiting.

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