Watch Wooze reveal ‘Get Me To A Nunnery’ video

Wooze reveal 'Get Me To A Nunnery' video

It’s the title track of their upcoming second EP.

With their second EP ‘Get Me To A Nunnery’ arriving on 22nd October, Wooze are sharing the video for the title track.

Speaking about the single, the band say: “We love the double meaning behind ‘get thee to a nunnery’ in Hamlet, so thought it would be fun to turn that burn back on itself into a self-diss track. So while the lyrics are very hopeful and optimistic, it’s merely a veneer for the crippling self-doubt and self-loathing underneath. The music came from a desire to sound like a metal band after we had indulged in lots of classic 80s metal bands.”

With the video directed by Ellen Evans, the duo add, “Theo wanted to burn his mum’s car and kill Jamie. This video provided the opportunity for both.”

Check out the video below, and pick up a ticket to see Wooze at our next DIY IRL show on 22nd September now!

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