Watch Porches release new song ‘Back3School’

Photo: Jason Nocito

It comes ahead of the release of new album ‘All Day Gentle Hold !’.

With new album ‘All Day Gentle Hold !’ arriving this Friday, Porches is giving us the final taste of what to expect, sharing new single ‘Back3School’.

“This song is a mystery to me, impending doom mixed with total bliss,” Aaron Maine explains. “The ‘back to school’ trope, but with an underlying anxiety that something might be terribly wrong, or maybe everything is just fine.”

Check it out below.

‘All Day Gentle Hold !’ Tracklisting:
1. Lately
2. I Miss That
3. Okay
4. Swimming Big
5. Back3School
6. Swarovski
7. Watergetsinside
8. In A Fashion
9. Inasint
10. Grab The Phone
11. Comedown Song (Gunk)


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