Watch Pa Salieu links up with Aitch for ‘Bad’

It follows the release of his ‘Afrikan Rebel’ project.

Fresh off of the release of his ‘Afrikan Rebel’ EP, Coventry’s Pa Salieu has linked up with Aitch for new track ‘Bad’.

Currently covering our October issue, Pa told us of his recent project, “I had the idea [for ‘Afrikan Rebel’] even before we dropped ‘Send Them To Coventry’. Anyone can be an Afrikan Rebel, you place that title on your head like a crown and your royalty is there, that’s it. If you understand that, you’re an Afrikan Rebel. For me, it’s Black History Day every day, whatever the month; that’s why ‘Afrikan Rebel’ is more than a project, it’s a statement. It stands for new generations of Africans, stubborn to the fucking bone, knowing themselves and making change.”

Read our full interview with Pa now!


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