Watch Alex Lahey unveils new single ‘Spike The Punch’

Alex Lahey unveils new single ‘Spike The Punch’
Photo: Nick Mckk

“It’s big, it’s loud, it’s fun, it’s its own beast,” she says.

Aussie singer-songwriter Alex Lahey has released a new single.

‘Spike The Punch’ follows the singer’s second album, 2019’s ‘The Best of Luck Club’, and is, she says “its own beast.”

“Spike the Punch’ is a song about the fun that comes with self-sabotage and reckless abandon,“ she says. “There are some super sinister tones in there rubbing up against really bright anime style guitar harmonies (guitarmonies, anyone?..) and shouted choruses. Spike feels like a raucous bookend to navigating these cruelly unpredictable times. Touch wood.”

The song comes with a video directed by Matt Sav, of which Alex adds that it’s “perhaps my favourite video I’ve ever been a part of. Matt and I spoke about how we wanted to capture a sense of freedom, fluidity and fun in this video along with hurtling forward momentum. Matt Pope, the brilliant performer who stars in the video, completely harnesses the direction and puts on a hell of a show. It gives me chills every time I press play.”

Watch the video below.

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