Festivals Bob Vylan and Smoothboi Ezra among new ESNS additions

The event takes place in the Netherlands in January.

ESNS has announced 60 new acts to appear at the festival in 2022.

Bob Vylan, Smoothboi Ezra, Enola Gay and Noisy are among the newly-announced artists for the event, which takes place between 19th and 22nd January across the Dutch city of Groningen.

The festival has also added a handful of Spanish acts, with the country the focus of the 2022 edition. Marta Knight, Marina Herlop, Mundo Prestigio, Pódium, Gabriela Richardson, Santa Salut, Maika Makovski, Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba and Dora join the already-confirmed Travis Birds, Rodeo, Kai Nakai, Daniel Sabater, Dharmacide, and Carola Ortiz.

César Andión of The Spanish Wave and Live Nation Madrid says “[The focus on Spain] will bring a wide palette of young, emerging and talented acts from all over Spain to show how fresh, alive and exportable artists we have in our country.”


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