News Rostam announces ‘Changephobia Remixes: Part I & II’

Check out A.G. Cook’s remix of ‘Kinney’ now.

Following the release of his ‘Changephobia’ album earlier this year, Rostam has announced his new remixes series ‘Changephobia Remixes: Part I & II’.

Sharing Part I today, the first instalment features remixes by A. G. Cook, Billy Lemos, and AK Paul. Part II will arrive on 2nd December.

Writing about his most recent record in our review, we said, “Beautifully constructed, surprising and brimming with invention - looking back at all the incredible music Rostam’s been a part of over the years, it feels as if he’s saved a little for himself on ‘Changephobia’.”

Revisit our chat with Rostam from our June issue now.

‘Changephobia Remixes: Part 1’ Tracklisting:
1. Kinney (A. G. Cook Remix)
2. These Kids We Knew - (AK Paul Remix)
3. 4Runner (Backyard Version)
4. From the Back of a Cab (Billy Lemos Remix)

‘Changephobia Remixes: Part 2’ Tracklisting:
5. Bio18 (Tabla Version)
6. 4Runner (Easyfun Remix)
7. These Kids We Knew (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)
8. From the Back of a Cab (Ben Bohmer Remix)
9. Kinney (ROTH BART BARON Remix)

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