Watch Lorde shares ‘Fallen Fruit’ video

Lifted from August album ‘Solar Power’.

Following the release of her album ‘Solar Power’ in August, Lorde is now revealing the video for ‘Fallen Fruit’.

Co-directed by Joel Kefali and Lorde herself, she says: “In the Solar Power video, you were introduced to the island as a lush paradise — glistening water, blue skies, not a grain of sand out of place (barring that pesky beach trash…). Cut to: humans doing as they do, getting greedy, treating the land with disrespect and stripping it of its beauty. There’ll always another pristine place to start again, right? The gardens that were once lush and fruitful are now on fire. The fishing boats are busted up and overturned. All that’s left of the peaches are their pits. Amid all that, my character makes a choice.”

Check it out below, and revisit our full review of ‘Solar Power’ here!

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