Jasmyn releases new track ‘Find The Light’

Photo: Justin Aranha

The former Weaves frontwoman has inked deals with ANTI- and Royal Mountain.

Jasmyn - aka Jasmyn Burke, former frontwoman of DIY faves Weaves - has shared a new solo track.

‘Find The Light’ comes with news that the Toronto-based musician has signed a deal with ANTI- in the US and Royal Mountain back home in Canada.

“This song was loosely written during the Fall of 2020,” she explains. “The world was feeling pretty heavy, and I felt myself wanting to write music that created a mood of happiness and space to grow. It feels like we’re living in this sort of in-between space, where life is altering. I wanted to explore finding comfort and hopefulness through uncomfortable change. I feel like I have grown and changed as a person over the last few years and wanted to write songs that created a sense of confidence and well-being.”

Listen below.

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