Listen Foals share huge Flight Facilities remix of ‘Wake Me Up’

Foals share huge Flight Facilities remix of 'Wake Me Up'
Photo: Edward Cooke

The now-three-piece returned with their comeback single late last year.

Foals have shared a huge new remix of their comeback single ‘Wake Me Up’ by Flight Facilities.

Following 2019’s fantastic two-parter ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’, Foals, now a three-piece after the departure of founding member Edwin Congreave, are gearing up to share their seventh studio album this year.

Described by frontman Yannis Philippakis as “our version of a dance or disco record” with lyrics which “transport oneself out of the oppression of lockdown and the bleakness of last year,” he said of ‘Wake Me Up’: “There’s a journey that the band has gone on experimenting with different palettes of sound. This time there was a desire to take it back to more of the initial idea of the band where the rhythm, the grooves and the guitars are interlocking architecturally. We wanted to tap into the physicality of music. And we wanted it to feel good.

With ‘Wake Me Up’, I just wanted to write a song about transporting yourself to a better, idyllic situation. I think we all had that feeling of the last eighteen months being like a weird fever dream that felt surreal but very affecting. I think we all wished we could have woken up somewhere else at various points.”

Listen to the new remix of the track below. Foals’ seventh album features in DIY’s list of the 22 most anticipated albums of 2022.

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