News Liam Gallagher is releasing a new song next month

‘Everything’s Electric’ is out on 4th February.

With his new album ‘C’mon You Know’ arriving on 27th May, Liam Gallagher has confirmed that he’ll be releasing new track ‘Everything’s Electric’ on 4th February.

Speaking about his forthcoming album in our 22 most anticipated new albums of 2022, we said, “It was all the way back in October when Liam announced album ‘C’mon You Know’ for May 2022 - but with news he’d be revisiting the hallowed grounds of Knebworth (twice!) just days after its release, that level of foresight made a little more sense. He’s not spilled much about the record’s content, but educated guesses can be made, and no doubt the man himself will describe it as ‘biblical’ anyway.”

‘C’mon You Know’ follows his previous solo records ‘As You Were’ and ‘Why Me? Why Not’.

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