News Grimes is releasing new song ‘Shinigami Eyes’ tomorrow

Her new project ‘Book 1’ is on the way.

Following the release of ‘Player of Games’ late last year, Grimes is continuing to tease her forthcoming ‘Book 1’ project.

Announcing that she’ll be releasing a new track, ‘Shinigami Eyes’ is set to land tomorrow on 26th January.

Speaking about ‘Player of Games’, we said, “Though Grimes has always had a firm foot in the club, you would never have previously described the amorphous artist as making dance music, per se. ‘Player of Games’ - her first new track since 2020’s ‘Miss Anthropocene’ - however, ups the quota; landing like a Eurotrance banger, if you stripped away the singer’s innately uncanny-feeling ethereal coo, you could easily be pingered up to the eyeballs at 4am on a sweaty Berlin dancefloor. Fingers guns at the ready, lads.”


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