Listen Kate Nash releases new track ‘Imperfect’

Her fourth studio album arrives later this year.

With her fourth studio album set for release this year, Kate Nash has shared new track ‘Imperfect’.

Originally written for Netflix series The Babysitters-Club, Kate says, “My co-star Kimmy Gatewood and some of our brilliant writers Rachel Shukert and Sascha Rothchild from GLOW asked me if I could write a tween pop anthem for an episode of The Babysitters Club (Netflix) that they were all working on. I’ve been writing for tv, film and musical theatre recently and it’s been so liberating as I get to explore different sides of being a songwriter. With ‘Imperfect’ I was able to sink quickly back into the mind of my 13 year old self and sing through my hairbrush once again. It’s inspired by the pop women of my teenage years, women like Stacie Orrico, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton and Ashley Simpson. While I put finishing touches on my album I thought I should just release this song as it’s so uplifting and fun and why the hell not. Please play it loud whilst applying lip gloss, white eyeliner and ironing the collar on your school shirt.”

Check it out below.


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