Watch Watch Mitski perform ‘Stay Soft’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Her latest album, ‘Laurel Hell’, landed earlier this year.

Following the release of ‘Laurel Hell’ in February, Mitski appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to give ‘Stay Soft’ its live outing.

Speaking about the song, Mitski previously said, “‘Stay Soft’ was a more straightforward rock song when I wrote it on guitar, but the darkly sexual lyrics sung in that context felt too heavy and melodramatic. So we couched the depressing lyrics in an inviting dance beat, which is a trick people have used for hundreds of years. The remnants of the original grungy feeling can be heard starting at the instrumental interlude, when the distorted guitar comes in.

“This song, frankly, is about hurt people finding each other, and using sex to make sense of their pain. This is by no means the correct way to cope with trauma, but it’s a thing people do regardless, and I always want to write songs about what we actually do, so that we don’t feel alone in them.”

Revisit our full review of ‘Laurel Hell’ here, and check out her live performance of ‘Stay Soft’ below.


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Mitski - Laurel Hell

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