Album Review Set It Off - Elsewhere

It feels like you’re stuck on the spinning teacups at the local circus.

Set It Off - Elsewhere

Pining to join the elevated legacies of pop-punk-turned-pop heroes Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, Tampa three-piece Set It Off have been left in the dust, still producing the same saccharine, over-produced material that has long lost its boyish charm. Adopting the tacky neon vibrancies of the mid-00s nu-rave aesthetic (while still missing the mark), ‘Elsewhere’ tells the roundabout tale of vocalist Cody Carson’s personal grievances with all the conviction of roadkill; akin to a repetitive pastiche of ‘Danger Days’-era My Chemical Romance. ‘Projector’ is a particular low-point: “So light me up, my little projector / And eat me up like Hannibal Lecter”. Cody’s abrasive giggling and chatter saturates each track with a pseudo-relatability that is masked underneath hollow lyrics that openly vents about his minor first world irritations. Vanity created this record, and will likely destroy it. ‘Dangerous’ is an out-of-place two minute club track possessing the worst lyrics on the entire record: “This one’s for the misfits, and all the people on your shit list.” It genuinely seems like they couldn’t extend the idea further so they just ended the track. As Cody recites dryly on ‘Skeleton’, this is indeed “where it all went wrong.” ‘Elsewhere’ feels like you’re stuck on the spinning teacups at the local circus, complete with clowns dishing out overused idioms and laughing manically as you rotate yourself into a candyfloss-induced stupor.


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