Listen Metronomy’s Anna Prior releases ‘Easier Alone’

It follows last year’s debut single ‘Thank You for Nothing’.

Following the release of her debut single ‘Thank You for Nothing’ last year, Metronomy’s Anna Prior has shared her new solo track ‘Easier Alone’.

“‘Easier Alone’ is a song about letting good things go,” explains Anna. “It’s about all those healthy friendships, relationships, situationships that just become stifled under the weight of the expectation we place on ourselves. The relationships that you know would be nourishing and supportive, if only you could let someone love you without your own limits.

“It’s true though, most things ARE easier on your own. Except moving house, tug-o-war and writing a song, at least in my case. I loved working with Jules Rosset again on this track - he helped me steer the music in a much more interesting direction (the song was called ‘piano thing’ for months before that) and most importantly, always responded to my maniacally composed emails of ideas within 5 minutes of me sending them - a perfect match for the over thinker.”

Check it out below.


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