Watch Lizzo shares clip of new song ‘About Damn Time’

It’s set to land next week!

After confirming that her new single will be out on 14th April, Lizzo has shared a clip of ‘About Damn Time’ on Instagram.

Filmed reading a book titled Why I Love Men, in the teaser we can also hear what sounds like the beginning of the song, with Lizzo singing “it’s bad bitch o’clock”.

Writing in our list of the 22 most anticipated new albums of 2022, we said about Lizzo, “After a two-year break since the star-making album ‘Cuz I Love You’, in which Lizzo became a global presence and a force for good in the music industry at long last, she returned last summer with Cardi B collaboration ‘Rumors’. Speaking in late 2020, she explained, ‘There is no due date on the album because I’m the kind of artist that needs to write songs from experiences and my life.’ Let’s hope that lockdown lifting last year let her get out and about to soak up enough life to pump into another masterpiece.”

Check out the clip of ‘About Damn Time’ below.


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