News Måneskin are releasing a new track next week

‘Supermodel’ lands next Friday.

After a whirlwind 2021, Italian rockers Måneskin have announced that they’ll be releasing a new track next week!

Called ‘Supermodel’, the four-piece’s latest is set to arrive on Friday 13th May.

Speaking to us for our DIY In Deep digital cover last year, frontman Damiano said of new music for the band, “We’re in a different city every day, so we have a lot of energy to grab from. We are writing new stuff but we don’t want to be in a rush. We wanna take our time to make music that represents us, so when we feel ready we will release it, but there, for sure, will be new music.”

“It’s like a new start in a way!” Vic added. “We have so much attention, so we want to do things that we’re really sure represents us well. We feel a lot more free now because, in the past years, many people were telling us that rock wasn’t going to give us success, and then we couldn’t do it and tried to stop us. Now, no-one is stopping us!”

Revisit our digital cover interview here, and check out the group’s announcement below.


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