Watch Liss air ‘Nobody Really Cares’ video

Album ‘I Guess Nothing Will Be The Same’ is released today (10th June).

With debut album ‘I Guess Nothing Will Be The Same’ released today (10th June), Danish quartet Liss have shared a video for track ‘Nobody Really Cares’.

The record comes a year after the death of frontman Søren Holm.

Of the release, the band say: “Today our album ‘I Guess Nothing Will Be The Same’ is released. We have spent an important part of our life together since we started the band seven years ago. It has been amazing to be able to make music with your best friends and share so many great experiences, almost nonstop. Søren was always the one who made us understand each other better. He was extremely generous with his creativity and as a human being. We would like to thank Søren’s parents, Leonida and Niels, for supporting us in releasing this album. All the amazing people we’ve worked with over the years, you know who you are. And to all of you who have listened to the music and shown up at the concerts over time — this album is for you.”

The video was filmed in Søren’s local area in Western Denmark, shot by friends Albert Hildebrand and Yasmina Derradj, and features both portraits of friends, and imagery of the region.

Watch below.

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