News Miya Folick releases new track, ‘Ordinary’

Photo: Ariel Fish

It features piano from Gia Margaret.

Miya Folick has released new track, ‘Ordinary’.

Coming with a video directed by Noah Kentis, the song also features piano by fellow singer-songwriter, Gia Margaret.

“This song is about slowing down, looking inward, taking time with the people you love,” says Miya. “Things don’t have to be a party or a spectacle. They don’t have to be special to feel special. Rather than finding joy in rushing into things, I’m finding joy in patience, in quiet, in getting to know somebody slowly.”

“When I first heard ‘Ordinary,’ I felt moved by its sweet melody and the direct and simple sentiment of the lyrics,” adds Gia. “The piano parts effortlessly flowed soon after my friend (Miya) asked me to lend my part. It was fun and made me feel something.”

Watch the video below.


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