Watch Kynsy shares new single ‘Point Of You’

Photo: Paula Trojner

The track explores trying to work your way “through the different sides of romance, happiness and disappointment”.

Dublin rising newbie Kynsy is back with her newest single ‘Point Of You’.

“’Point Of You’ is me trying to work my way through the different sides of romance, happiness and disappointment,” Kynsy explains. “It’s about being stuck in the same cycle of falling in love with people who don’t or will never love you back and the feeling of tiredness that comes from attempting to have romantic relationships with people that never go your way. It’s about being love hungry for an honest and pure connection but being so fed up and dissatisfied by trying and trying that you start to ask yourself, ‘what’s the point’?”

On the video she adds, “We wanted to try and portray the pain and mental chaos that comes with rejection. We focused on the idea of a patient in therapy trying to unravel a failed relationship and slowly losing her mind as she analyses the relationship and herself. We wanted to try and create a visual representation of the chaos of an overactive mind by strange movement within a singular space.”

Check it out below.

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