Listen Icona Pop team up with Ultra Naté for ‘You’re Free’

The pair have reimagined the classic dance track ‘Free’ on its 25th anniversary.

25 years since Ultra Naté released the dance classic ‘Free’, Icona Pop are sharing a new reimagining of the track, ‘You’re Free’.

“We’ve always loved Ultra Naté’s original ‘Free’ and used to play it in the clubs as DJs in Stockholm, even before we started Icona Pop!” the duo explain. “It is the ultimate expression of what we want Icona Pop to represent: freedom to be whoever you want to be, live life to the fullest, and have fun. At first it was intimidating when we started to play around with the idea of making a new version, but it felt natural and really came together when Ultra Naté said she wanted to collaborate on our version. We are beyond honoured. Ultra Naté is such a legend and this song is a classic. We hope that we have done it justice.”

Ultra Naté adds, “I’m so excited about this collaboration with Icona Pop and the reimagining of my classic, ‘Free’, on its 25th Anniversary. I feel like what has come together here is so special and made for this moment. ‘You’re Free’ really is the kind of interpretation I had hoped for. To introduce the song to a next generation of clubbers in a way that is not framed as nostalgia, but as very now. It’s so important to find a way to bridge the gap when working with such a highly identifiable, classic record - and believe me, many have tried over the years! When I first received the demo to hear the concept and where the production was going, I immediately felt good about it. I love the new parts, the energy, and Aino and Caroline’s distinct singing style. It all feels like a big party with a lot of in-your-face attitude, and I’m here for all of that!”

Check out the reimagining below.


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