Album Review Minions: The Rise Of Gru OST

Tune in, turn up and bask in its sunny disposition.

Minions: The Rise Of Gru OST

If the question was ‘what would it take to rehabilitate the Minions’ image?’, then it would appear Jack Antonoff is the answer. The small yellow creatures’ ubiquitousness quickly made them an object of hate; like stepping on a Lego brick via the eyes. And while ‘The Rise of Gru’ might not make everyone do a full 180 on them, it does have a good chance of not just soundtracking the film, but a whole summer. ‘70s funk and sweltering heat are perfect partners: opener ‘Turn Up The Sunshine’, a gorgeously loose collaboration that pairs Tame Impala’s penchant for swirly psych with the iconic disco presence of Diana Ross successfully sets the scene on a record which consistently makes smart choices throughout. Recruiting the late, great Brockhampton to put a fresh spin on Kool and the Gang’s ‘Hollywood Swinging’, H.E.R for Sly & The Family Stone’s iconic ‘Dance to the Music’, Thundercat bringing his twisted funk to Steve Miller’s ‘Fly Like An Eagle’: even if there wasn’t a heatwave at the time of writing, daresay this collection would bring it regardless. Caroline Polachek’s restraint on ‘Bang Bang’ is virtuous; St Vincent’s deadpan delivery on ‘Funkytown’ a delicious counterpart to the track’s maximalist string section. And Phoebe Bridgers being given The Carpenters’ ‘Goodbye To Love’ is pure masterstroke, the warm production and sincere presentation working as a giant wink to her crafted persona. Tune in, turn up and bask in its sunny disposition.


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