News NANCY announces debut album

Photo: Sam Morris

He’s also sharing new track ‘I Hate Rock & Roll’.

With his debut album officially on the way, NANCY is sharing new track ‘I Hate Rock & Roll’ to get us hyped for what’s to come.

“Rock and Roll. My first true love”, NANCY explains. “It’s glamorous, decadent and ridiculous. Since I was 14 noodling in my bedroom, Rock and Roll has been everything I’ve ever wanted. I’ve been in love with Rock and Roll; I’ve dedicated my life to it. But now Rock and Roll has become a ball and chain. It’s a cage of ambition I’ve built around myself; it’s a golden carrot that I stagger towards, an oasis of aspiration in a desert of economic despair. So naturally, I wrote a song about it..I Hate Rock n Roll.”

Check it out below.