News Pixey announces debut mini-album ‘Dreams, Pains and Paper Planes’

She’s sharing new track ‘Recycled Paper Planes’ too.

Set for release in September on hess Club Records, Pixey has announced her debut mini-album ‘Dreams, Pains and Paper Planes’.

“’Dreams, Pains & Paper Planes’ is my biggest release to date,” she explains. “The majority of the record was written, recorded and produced by myself in my bedroom, alongside a couple of studio tracks. Genre bending was something I wanted to experiment with, tailoring to the moods of each song but still keeping to the core big beat elements. I wanted to write a record that kept a sunny sound but was more anxious lyrically. More than anything, I want the listener to feel like they can dip into an alternate world for a while, whether it’s comforting or not.”

Sharing new track ‘Recycled Paper Planes’ alongside the news, she adds, “‘Recycled Paper Planes’ is a track I wrote, recorded and produced in one day in my bedroom. The whole thing flowed so quickly - I started with the bass line and quickly wrote the corresponding guitar parts. The song is about everybody trying to relive & recreate other people’s dreams, that nothing is ever really original. We’re all just a recycled, repackaged version of the past trying to make a living.”

Have a listen now.

See Pixey live at the following dates:

23 | Tramlines Festival, Sheffield
24 | Truck Festival, Steventon
30 | Y Not Festival, Matlock
31 | Liverpool International Music Festival, Liverpool

06 | Bingley Weekender, Bingley
14 | 110 Above Festival, Leicester

10 | Confessional Music And Arts Festival, Blackburn


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