Listen Omar Apollo unveils new single ‘Archetype’

He’s also announced the deluxe version of ‘Ivory’.

Following the release of his debut album ‘Ivory’ earlier this year, Omar Apollo has announced the deluxe version, and shared new single ‘Archetype’.

Speaking to us for DIY In Deep back in April, Omar told us, “I feel like now I know how to make an album and, down the road, all I wanna do is make more albums. Before, my first couple of projects were songs I would make in my house, and then I ended up touring off of them so I didn’t really have time to develop the studio side. This feels like the beginning. Even though I’ve had projects out since like 2018, this definitely feels like the beginning.”

Revisit the full interview here, and check out ‘Archetype’ and the track list for ‘Ivory (Marfil)’ below.

‘IVORY (Marfil)’ Tracklisting
1. Ivory
2. Talk
3. No Good Reason
4. Invincible (feat. Daniel Caesar)
5. Endlessly Interlude
6. Killing Me
7. Go Away
8. Waiting On You
9. Petrified
10. Personally
11. En El Olvido
12. Tamagotchi
13. Can’t Get Over You
14. Evergreen
15. Bad Life (feat. Kali Uchis)
16. Mr. Neighbor
17. Endlessly
18. Highlight
19. Archetype
20. Saving All My Love
21. Pretty Boy


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