Album Review Steve Lacy - Gemini Rights

Steve’s charm lies in his genuine tenderness through self-indulgence.

Steve Lacy - Gemini Rights

Steve Lacy’s ‘Gemini Rights’ is ultimately the love-filled and turbulent internal monologue of the man himself. The new solo work from the multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter takes the listener through every soulful and sultry sonic realm while at a concise 10-track length. At times a far cry from his debut release, ‘Steve Lacy’s Demo’, the album whirls through numerous textures from the bossa nova-inspired sound on ‘Mercury’ to the ‘70s funk and psych nods meeting his speciality R&B style in the closing ‘Give You The World’. An erratic journey, he boasts his hand at a universe of genres - a key part of the musical appeal of the 24 year old which brought him to the likes of Kali Uchis, Kendrick Lamar and Vampire Weekend. In contrast, his boyish divulgence of a libertine lifestyle of post-break-up drug and sex-filled escapades mixed with a choppy and beat-loop-packed production return him to his homespun roots. Much like how lead single ‘Bad Habit’ is now a TikTok hit sound to publicly ooze your romantic longing, Steve’s charm lies in his genuine tenderness through self-indulgence - and nowhere does this shine brighter than in this sensual, lovesick album.


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