Album Review Flo Milli - You Still Here, Ho?

A hands-on outpouring of the Alabama rapper’s ego.

Flo Milli - You Still Here, Ho?

Acting as the canonical continuation of the story arc that she established in 2020’s ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’ mixtape, Flo Milli can confirm that the ho has not, in fact, left. ‘You Still Here, Ho?’ is a hands-on outpouring of the Alabama rapper’s ego, embracing the idiosyncrasies of hyper-feminine rap in all the best ways. Her vivid trap DNA is present on nearly all the tracks, with each one tapping into her first-hand experience of fame, designer brands and revelling in her own attractiveness. The sparse features are welcome, with Babyface Ray’s verse on the bubblegum ‘Hottie’ feeling fresh and exciting, while elsewhere Rico Nasty’s modish bars on ‘Pay Day’ deliver a hyperpop sting. Flo is not afraid to express her confidence (see ‘Conceited’, for one), spitting over the uptempo beat, she constantly shines her own shoes with bars like “I’m so fabulous” followed shortly by “Pretty bitch walk in they gon’ salute”. She masters the line between naivety, blind self-confidence and genuine pathos, with each vaunt bar claiming a larger trophy than the last. Flo Milli knows her audience like nobody else, and ‘You Still Here, Ho?’ is sure to be a record rife with anthems.


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