A game of halves “It’s a party game” - Frank Carter talks new card game Halves

The Kickstarter for Frank and Dean Richardson’s latest venture ends tomorrow.

Earlier this month, Frank Carter and Dean Richardson - of previous DIY cover stars Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes - announced plans to launch their brand new card game, Halves.

Having coming up with the idea during touring, the first incarnation of the game was created using a pack of cards bought from a WHSmith, some stickers and a sharpie. Now, six years on, the pair are aiming to raise over £15,000 to bring their final vision to life (spoiler alert: they’ve managed it).

Today, as their ongoing Kickstarter campaign for the game draw to a close, we had a quick catch up with Frank himself to get a bit of extra insight into the game itself.

“It’s a party game based around words, to play with your friends,” Frank tells us, “so you can find out at the end of the night who’s actually your friend.”

Can you tell us a bit about Halves, and what inspired you to launch it?
We made the game on a flight out to a tour many years ago, and since that first incarnation we’ve been tweaking and redesigning the way the game plays. I think our fourth prototype was the one that made us feel confident to pursue production.

So who is Halves aimed at? Why should people get involved?
It’s for everyone; it’s a fun word game that you can play with your friends. It’s good for all ages and the randomised element is a great equaliser when playing. Someone can think they’re winning for three or four turns, and then it can get ripped away by a sneaky friend at the last moment!

How did you feel about the reaction to it - the Kickstarter campaign has done brilliantly so far.
It feels pretty outrageous that we’ve made it to this stage. It’s the Chinese Democracy of our work; it’s taken a long time. It feels very special and we’re so grateful. I’m just excited for people to play it.

Most importantly, do you have secrets on how to beat your opponents?!

Save your trap cards and use them in response to someone else using theirs…

For more information on Halves, or to get involved in supporting the Kickstarter campaign, head here before it closes tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd August).

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