Listen Maisie Peters shares new track ‘Blonde’

She’s releasing new ballad ‘Good Enough’ later this month.

Maisie Peters is spoiling us today, releasing new track ‘Blonde’ as well as confirming that she’ll be dropping “emotional ballad” ‘Good Enough’ on 19th August.

“‘Blonde’ and’ Good Enough’ are sister songs to me - they represent the two different sides of my artistry and in a way, myself,” Maisie explains. “One couldn’t exist without the other and I like to think at shows people will scream just as loudly to both. I’m a songwriter first and foremost, and writing both these songs were fundamental, changing moments in my own life - it seemed only right they came out in tandem.”

“‘Blonde’ is a song about confidence, self-worth and standing behind yourself, and although dying your hair isn’t necessarily the grandest thing anyone has ever done, it represents turning a new leaf in how you see yourself, for the better,” she adds. “Plus, it’s true, blondes do have more fun.”

Have a listen to ‘Blonde’ below.


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