News The Big Pink announce new album ‘The Love That’s Ours’

Photo: Emma Ledwith

It’s their first album in a decade!

Ten years on since the release of 2012’s ‘Future This’ album, The Big Pink have announced their third studio album ‘The Love That’s Ours’ will be out on 30th September.

“Somehow we got here!” Frontman Robbie Furze says. “Our record is about to be released. Thank f**k for that! Getting to this point has been one of the craziest journeys in my life. I truly thought this day would never come. I got so lost, so confused, went down so many rabbit holes, at times running completely blind, so much so that I nearly lost everything that was ever important to me, everything I ever truly loved. This record symbolises so much, it’s my flag on top of the summit. It shows that I finally understand what is truly important. This is the soundtrack of my journey to get here. It was frightening, but beautiful at the same time, full of fun, but hand-in-hand full of terror and sadness. The outcome is that I’m incredibly proud of this work that came out of all of it. I think these may be the best songs that I’ve ever written, they’re certainly the most honest. I would love to thank everyone who was involved in this record because without them we would have never got to this point and maybe I would have not been here at all. Thank you. Rx”

Sharing new track ‘Rage’ alongside the news, Robbie adds, “This was the first song I wrote with the incredible Ryn Weaver. I met Ryn out one night in L.A. We locked in on each other at some stupid party and I think we truly fell in love with each other. Not in a sexual way, but in a brother-sister way. We stayed up all night chatting about music and played one another our ideas. We just got each other, it was magical. Ryn is probably the most talented individual I have ever had the luck to have worked with. She effortlessly comes up with these beautiful melodies, they just spill out of her, and her lyric writing is out of this world. I would just sit there trying to keep up with this whirlwind of creativity. We would work long, long sessions, sometimes 12-18 hours, and she wouldn’t let us stop until the track was done. ‘Rage’ came from one of those sessions. We spoke at length about where we were in our lives and how confusing the world was, we were both struggling in love and life at the time and we thought let’s RAGE against these feelings, let’s take the power back. It’s really a ‘fuck you!’ track. It’s one of my favourites on the record.”

Check out ‘Rage’ below.

‘The Love That’s Ours’ Tracklisting:
1. How Far We’ve Come
2. No Angels
3. Love Spins On Its Axis
4. Rage
5. Outside In
6. I’m Not Away To Stay Away
7. Safe and Sound
8. Murder
9. Back To My Arms
10. Even If I Wanted To
11. Lucky One


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