Listen Phoebe Green shares new track ‘Crying In The Club’

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Her latest offering gets taken from her forthcoming debut album ‘Lucky Me’, which is out later this week.

Manchester singer Phoebe Green has shared her latest track ‘Crying In The Club’.

Her new beat-driven offering gets taken from her forthcoming debut album ‘Lucky Me’, which is set for release this Friday (19th August) via Chess Club Records. It follows on from her previously-shared tracks ‘Just A Game’ and ‘Sweat’.

Speaking about ‘Crying In The Club’, Phoebe has said: “‘Crying In The Club’ is definitely one of my favourite (sonically) upbeat songs I’ve written, again with Jessica Winter who encourages my inner pop star! I wanted to write a song about growing and progressing a lot internally without anybody really noticing; I’ve worked so hard on altering my behavioural patterns and habitual self sabotage that I deliberately conceal, but it’s all beneath the surface. It’s about craving validation for my efforts but coming to terms with the fact that it doesn’t matter what anybody wants from me, because they’ll never stop wanting, I just need to be accepting of myself and where I’m at.”

Check it out below.

‘Lucky Me’ Tracklisting:
1. Break My Heart
2. Lucky Me
3. Make it Easy
4. Crying In The Club
5. Sweat
6. Clean
7. Just A Game
8. One You Want
9. Won’t Sit Still
10. DieDieDie
11. I Wish You Never Saw Me Cry
12. Leach
13. I Don’t Wanna Make You Cold


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